I teach a method which is an ever-evolving technique that I have learned through my own exploration that can help you begin to be more in tune with what is actually happening around you, rather than what you 'think' is happening. 


It's often when we believe everything our mind tells us we suffer and struggle. We begin to notice repetitive thoughts which I call thought-stories.
They generally go something like, 'I don't feel good enough.' or 'I just don't fit in.' or 'Everyone seems to have it easy and I'm always struggling.' or 'Nobody wants me around.' or 'What did I do to deserve this crap?!' . . . and then what happens is we start looking around ourselves to look for answers and often come back with false ideas that causes us to suffer, which us psychotherapists call limiting or condition beliefs in the form of thought stories. 

Through our sessions we can explore these thought stories so you can see for yourself how they affect how you see the world and how you feel about it. 


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