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The Self Love Journal: Guiding You
To Your Best Self!

A hug in a book . . .

Ah, I understand... It feels challenging when you're feeling down, fed up, and anxious. You may feel like nothing is working for you. Trying to move from where you are to where you want to be can seem almost impossible.

But what if I told you that 2 simple steps, repeated daily, can make a huge difference?

Focus and repetition can lead to forming habits, and by following the simple activities in this journal, every day, that are designed to help you focus on things that make you feel good about yourself, and then repeating them daily until they become habits, can help you take effortless massive steps towards a happier you, filled with self-love. That's precisely why The Self Love Journal was created for you!

You don't need to feel low to journal either. Doing the daily activities inside the book, designed especially for maximum effect, can turn those daily habits of focusing on what you want to feel into good emotional health.

The pages have lots of room to write and are not crowded with lots of activities that can feel overwhelming. We want you to enjoy the process.

Here’s what’s inside . . .

Set out in a weekly format with 6 templates that include:

  • Weekly Planner pages to help you prioritise self-care activities, set goals, and celebrate your achievements.

  • Gratitude Journal pages. Several scientific studies have investigated the practice of gratitude and reported it to significantly improve your mood by promoting positive feelings.

  • Self-Care Ideas pages to help you list those simple acts that can have great effects on your well-being.

  • Acts of Kindness Tracker because acts of kindness towards others can help you feel more connected, and give you a sense of purpose.

  • Mood Tracker pages are not only useful for those suffering from PMDD and PMS but also for those who want to identify patterns or triggers that may be affecting their mental and emotional health.

  • Blank Journaling pages to help you write out your thoughts and feelings to gain more clarity.

Created by a seasoned psychotherapist with over 20 years in clinical practice, “The Self Love Journal” will help you focus on the transformative power and benefits of self-love, self-care, and self-acceptance, which will ultimately remind you -

you are good enough! 

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