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What To Expect

You are going to heal

Many people find speaking to a therapist off-putting because they don’t know what to expect. It can be a little scary to some, to say the least!


Whilst I can’t say how ‘all’ therapists conduct their sessions, I can say that while being a lecturer and teacher of clinical hypnosis and psychotherapy, I took great time in helping my students understand that putting their clients at ease is essential.

In my own consulting room, I like to work with lots of humour and friendliness. Many of my clients report an elevation in their moods just on their first visit to me. 


Working with a therapist doesn’t have to be all pain and hard work, it can be eased by the therapist humanising the sessions. Many of my clients have expressed concerns about their fears of having to go and look at painful stuff from the past, or having to make scary decisions about the future. The secret is to understand these thoughts and limiting beliefs, and once balanced, changes can happen automatically. Then my clients can’t wait to get stuck in!


I often conduct an initial consultation over the phone. This helps me to gather the necessary information needed to make sure I offer the right therapy to the right client. This also helps the client feel comfortable talking to me and can help them get a better insight into their own lives and a greater understanding that their life really can change. While I encourage my clients through the therapy, I also believe in education by helping my clients to understand some of the psychological workings of their own mind and this can help greatly.

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